This hook lets you access the current user (and signOut function) on screens where the user may or may not be signed in.
const [user, signOut] = useMaybeDoormanUser()
If you want to access the user on a screen where a user may or may not be signed in, then use useMaybeDoormanUser instead:
import React from 'react'
import { Text } from 'react-native'
import { useMaybeDoormanUser } from 'react-native-doorman'
const MaybeUserDetails = () => {
// 👇 notice that the ARRAY syntax (not {} this time!)
const [user, signOut] = useMaybeDoormanUser()
// check if the user is defined or not first
if (!user) {
// if it isn't, then no one is signed in yet!
return <Text>Not signed in yet!</Text>
// Ok, now we now there is a user! 🔥
const uid = user.uid
const phoneNumber = user.phoneNumber
return <Text>uid: {uid}, phone: {phoneNumber}</Text>
export default MaybeUserDetails
You'll notice that you do [user, signOut] using an array instead of squiggly braces. This is done on purpose to make sure this hook is not confused with useDoormanUser.