Free Test Numbers

Doorman provides you with test phone numbers when you create a new project. These phone numbers can be used free of charge, letting you test us out as much as you want before you go live.

Every test number starts with +1555.

How do test numbers work?

Test numbers are fake phone numbers that simulate the experience of using Doorman.

Whenever you use a test number, the one-time code will be sent to the phone number you used to create your Doorman account.

How to find your test numbers

  1. Sign in to Doorman

  2. Open a project

  3. Click Test Numbers at the left

How much do test numbers cost?

Nothing, they're free!

Where do codes get sent?

If you try to sign in with a test number, the code will be sent to your real phone number, which you used to sign up with Doorman.

Do test numbers create real accounts?

Yes, signing in with a test number creates a real authenticated user in your app.

This lets you simulate the exact user experience, for free.

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