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Free Test Numbers

Doorman provides you with test phone numbers when you create a new project. These phone numbers can be used free of charge, letting you test us out as much as you want before you go live.
Every test number starts with +1555.

How do test numbers work?

Test numbers are fake phone numbers that simulate the experience of using Doorman.
Whenever you use a test number, the one-time code will be sent to the phone number you used to create your Doorman account.

How to find your test numbers

  1. 1.
    Sign in to Doorman
  2. 2.
    Open a project
  3. 3.
    Click Test Numbers at the left

How much do test numbers cost?

Nothing, they're free!

Where do codes get sent?

If you try to sign in with a test number, the code will be sent to your real phone number, which you used to sign up with Doorman.

Do test numbers create real accounts?

Yes, signing in with a test number creates a real authenticated user in your app.
This lets you simulate the exact user experience, for free.