Configure Firebase

This step takes about 75 seconds.


👋Welcome, Doorman newcomer.

Firebase can be kind of buggy with this step sometimes. We're happy to walk you through it via phone or live chat, or you can share you screen with us on Zoom and let us do it for you. We're available 10am-1am every day of the week. Just chat us at our website for support.

In order to use Doorman with Firebase Authentication, you must first enable Firebase's IAM permissions.

This step is required before deploying.

You have two options for this tutorial:

  1. Watch the video, or

  2. Read through the steps below

This tutorial assumes you already have a Firebase project created.

📹 Video tutorial

This video shows you the entire process in 50 seconds.

Before starting it, navigate to the Google Developer console:

Screenshot tutorial

If you don't feel like watching a video, we transcribed the steps in screenshots below:

1. Go to your Google API Console

The link here takes you to your Google API console:

2. Enable IAM API

Change to the proper Firebase project, and click "Go". If you change projects in this step, you'll have to click this link again afterwards.

2.1 If you don't see your project for Step #2 above:

3. Navigate to the IAM Admin screen

4. Edit the the correct member

5. Add another role

6. Create a service account token creator

It will look like this when you're searching:

7. Enable Google Cloud Build API

Now that IAMs are set up, we need to configure Google's Cloud Build API.

Click the following link and repeat steps 1 & 2 for Google Cloud Build:

Open the link above, select the correct firebase project & google account at the top, and then click Enable.

If you switch projects, you'll have to click on the link again. If you have trouble finding the right page, just search "Cloud Build" at the top where it says "Search for APIs and Services."

If you aren't sure if you selected the correct project, or you can't find yours, click the project name in the top left corner. Next, click All at the top left, and then make sure the project ID matches what you put on Doorman.

All set! 🏄🏽‍♂️

The next step is deploying your project with our one-line CLI deployment.