Accessing the current user

Access the latest user details from any component in your app.

const { uid, phoneNumber, signOut } = useDoormanUser()


So, here you are. You've successfully added phone authentication to your app. You did it.

And now, you're wondering, how do I access the current user inside my authenticated app? 🧐

Before Doorman, this was actually a challenge.

You need access to the current user's details, such as their unique id (uid) and perhaps their phone number (phoneNumber). And you also need your components to re-render whenever these change, to make sure there's no stale data.

With Doorman, accessing the current user is easy.

You can either use useDoormanUser or withDoormanUser, depending on your preference for React Hooks vs higher order components.

Show me code, already...

import React from 'react'
import { Text } from 'react-native'
import { useDoormanUser } from 'react-native-doorman'

const UserDetails = () => {
  const { uid, phoneNumber, signOut } = useDoormanUser()
  return <Text>uid: {uid}, phone: {phoneNumber}</Text>

export default UserDetails


There is one important caveat for these functions, as mentioned on the useDoormanUser page:

useDoormanUser and withDoormanUser should only be used on screens/components that show up after a user has signed in. If you use either of these when a user hasn't authenticated yet, it will throw an error.

If you want to access the user on a screen where a user may or may not be signed in, then use useMaybeDoormanUser instead:

import React from 'react'
import { Text } from 'react-native'
import { useMaybeDoormanUser } from 'react-native-doorman'

const MaybeUserDetails = () => {
  const [user, signOut] = useMaybeDoormanUser()
  // check if the user is defined or not first
  if (!user) {
    // if it isn't, then no one is signed in yet! 
    return <Text>Not signed in yet!</Text>
  // Ok, now we now there is a user! 🔥
  const uid = user.uid
  const phoneNumber = user.phoneNumber
  return <Text>uid: {uid}, phone: {phoneNumber}</Text>

export default MaybeUserDetails

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